Welcome 2011, Announcements and Thanks

Renewal and Journal

The start of the new year is a great time to join the American Society for Acoustic Ecology (ASAE). With your membership comes the annual Soundscape: The Journal of Acoustic Ecology. This year’s issue was edited by our Canadian WFAE affiliate upon the theme of Sonic Ambiances. It includes Edmund Mooney’s article on the ASAE’s ”Listening for the Future” symposium and reviews of the 2010 WFAE conference “Ideologies and Ethics in the Uses and Abuses of Sound.”

American Society for Acoustic Ecology

The ASAE welcomed several new officers to its board in 2010, elected during the first ever face-to-face meeting of the complete ASAE leadership. Jim Cummings, one of the ASAE’s founders and our long-time President, has step-downed but will remain active on the board as member-at-large. Eric Leonardson, founder of the the ASAE’s Midwest chapter, has stepped up to fill Jim’s role as our new leader. We also welcome new board representatives Jeremiah Moore (BASE), and Brandon Mechtley (SWSAE) and Christopher DeLaurenti (PNWSAE).

We are happy to report that our membership has grown significantly in 2010 after a similar surge in growth in 2009. As announced in the January-February 2011 WFAE Newsletter, the ASAE has recently welcomed our newest chapter, the Pacific Northwest Society for Acoustic Ecology. Our New Mexico chapter broadened its reach in 2010 to include members from Arizona, and is now the Southwest Society for Acoustic Ecology. And, movement is underway toward formation of a New England chapter and a Southern California chapter.

New Web Presence

The ASAE is hard at work developing a new web presence. Still under construction, the site will serve as the gathering place for news regarding the ASAE and its many chapters, facilitating a lively dialogue among members and the general public. The site will also feature a growing archive of works, publications, and other materials created by the ASAE and its members. More on this coming soon, so stay posted.

Thank you again for your ongoing support and participation in the American Society for Acoustic Ecology. Your involvement is essential for making the ASAE an effective advocate for discovery and understanding of our sonic environment. All best wishes for a peaceful and sound new year.


Eric Leonardson, President
Michelle Nagai, Membership Coordinator/Treasurer
American Society for Acoustic Ecology

For additional membership information:
ASAE discussion list: https://www.wfae.net/discussion.html
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