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Learning to love Chicago with your ears by Kerry Cardoza

Chicago writer, Kerry Cardoza tells us about how a host of people, partners, and events in and around the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology address sustainability, diversity, and public engagement with the sonic environment. In addition to the upcoming Hear Below soundwalk, she mentions NON:op 

Happy 2019! New Opportunities in Acoustic Ecology

The Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology is Growing Last May we announced our new nonprofit organization and identity. Building capacity to fulfill our mission is an ongoing effort. Let us know if you are interested in being part of our movement. We are pleased to 

Thank you, Christopher Preissing!

Thank you, Christopher Preissing!

Please join us in thanking Christopher Preissing for his leadership and involvement during his term as Co-chair of the MSAE. Over the years, Chris has contributed his time and effort to growing the listening community at large, and has made an enduring impact on MSAE. Chris will continue as a valued member of the MSAE as he directs NON:op Open Opera Works, an art non-profit in Chicago.

We are grateful for all of your work and look forward to following and supporting all of your future endeavors that we are confident will be nothing short of successes!


Dear listeners and MSAE members,

I am writing to inform you that I am stepping down at the end of this month as MSAE co-chair and would like to introduce Jonathan Eiseman as our chapter’s next co-chair. Although there have been a number of changes and challenges in my personal life, I will remain a member of the MSAE and a board member of the ASAE while continuing my practice and directing my own arts non-profit, NONop Open Opera Works. Jonathan is a musician and scientist, originally from the Bay Area, completing his Masters at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo. Jonathan and Eric Leonardson will lead the MSAE from Chicago and Kalamazoo along with Veronica Jachowski, MSAE Director of Programming and Communications.

During the last several years I am proud to have served as MSAE co-chair producing the following activities:

Thank you to everyone for your support during this transition, and please extend a hearty welcome to Jonathan.