BALANCE-UNBALANCE 2015 Conference On Electronic Art & Climate

The next iteration of Balance-Unbalance happens March 27—29, 2015 at Arizona State University. The purpose of BunB is to promote novel forms of creativity to help solve environmental problems. This international conference focuses on water, climate, and place.

Proposal submission deadline: November 1, 2014

Notification of presenters: December 31, 2014

For conference details visit the BunB Call for Proposals.

Conference founder, Argentinian-born artist and scholar Ricardo Dal Farra, writes:

Balance-Unbalance (BunB) brings multiple disciplines together to explore intersections between nature, art, science, new technologies and society to advance ecological awareness and sustainability practices and to inspire wide-ranging community engagement in the face of unprecedented environmental challenges.

We are living in a world at the tipping point, where the equilibrium between a healthy environment and the energy our society needs to maintain or improve its lifestyle and its interconnected economies could collapse more quickly than expected. The conference envisions the [media/electronic/sound] arts as a catalyst for reimagining our current environments.

The call for papers, posters, installations/performances and transdisciplinary activities and panels is already open.

Information on BunB 2015:

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