New Release from the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology

The Empty Space

THE EMPTY SPACE : Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology / World Listening Project

A joint release by The World Listening Project and The Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, The Empty Space is now available on the Wandering Ear net.label. Launched in 2006, Wandering Ear is dedicated to releasing field recording-oriented audio from around the world..

The Empty Space : LISTEN

curated and produced by Christopher Preissing


the empty space, destitute of activity,
once inhabited, teeming with life, leaving traces
in the earth, on their walls, in the air
abandoned or never inhabited
a sonic odor, once removed
remains etched in the subconscious

artist / title
Christopher Preissing – Past Is Present
Chad Clark – 223 West Jackson
Eric Leonardson – Water El Train
Anton Mobin – Blockhaus de l’Atlantique
Christopher Preissing – On the Rocks
kikiilimikilii – Caphtoires
Christopher Preissing – Still Point
Peter Memmer – Silence Has a Body Too
Greg O’Drobinak – Purdue, Third Floor, Machine Room
Eric Leonardson – Sink Clocks