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Open House Chicago | Aural Architecture

Open House Chicago | Aural Architecture


1-3pm Saturday, October 13 and 3-5pm Sunday, October 14

Augustana Lutheran Church
5500 S Woodlawn Ave, Chicago, IL 60637

NON:op Open Opera Works and the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology team up with the Chicago Architecture Center to present Aural Architecture or Hearing is the Other Half of How We Know for the 2018 Open House Chicago.

Much of the talk about architecture focuses on its visual aspect. However, this limits the experience to its static aspects. To fully experience and enjoy the dynamic features of our surroundings, and to amplify the individuals’ subjective experience and engagement with the architecture, we can train our ears to hear how architects are designing the sounds of our environment. Hearing is the Other Half of How We Know invites everyone to engage with another aspect of the architectural space to feel and enjoy its full meaning and value.