Giant Ear))) webcast, August 30

Giant Ear is a weekly, two-hour webcast radio show of
“…soundscape recordings, (wo)man-on-the-street public interest
interviews, live on-site sound explorations, special guests, and more.”

Curated by MSAE founder and director, Eric Leonardson, the August 30th Giant Ear will feature the recent Chicago Phonography performances at the Museum of Contemporary Art’s “Here/Not
There” series, sounds from the Locus Sonus sound map, selected field recording by members of the World Listening Project, and interviews with members of the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology (MSAE).

A new show is produced every month. For information and playlists from
previous shows, please visit

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Air date:

Sunday, August 30
7:00 PM—9:00 PM EDT (6:00 PM—8:00 PM CDT | UTC/GMT -5)

Presented by the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, Giant Ear))) is a two-hour radio show webcast weekly on Sundays, 7-9pm on

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