World Listening Project seeking audio for “Acoustic Mirror of the World”

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The World Listening Project is seeking audio submissions for its “Acoustic Mirror of the World,” a sound sculpture/installation created for the “Synesthetic Plan of Chicago” show, marking the 100-year anniversary of Daniel Burnham’s 1909 “Plan of Chicago.” The sculpture/installation was conceived and constructed by Eric Leonardson and Gregory O’Drobinak to a provide not so much of an audible experience, but a predominantly tactile, bodily sensation of recorded soundscapes from around the world.

Synesthetic Plan of Chicago’s 4-month run at the Chicago Cultural Center concluded on October 9th, and the Acoustic Mirror of the World was moved to the Little Black Pearl Art & Design Center, at 1060 E. 47th Street. The LBP is a nonprofit center serving youth in the Kenwood/Oakland, Woodlawn, and Bronzeville neighborhoods in Chicago’s south side.

Little Black Pearl Art & Design Center

To make the installation “mirror” the world, neighborhood residents and members of the global field recording and acoustic ecology community are all invited to submit sounds. Instruction and guidelines are provided on the World Listening Project’s website. Please visit the World Listening Project website to learn more about this ongoing project.

The mission of Little Black Pearl is to create opportunities for youth and adults to deepen their creative involvement through the arts, cultivate their entrepreneurial skills and use the arts as a means for economic empowerment and community transformation.