“What If Sound Matters Too?” with Scott Bernstein, Center for Neighborhood Technology

7 PM, Wednesday September 21


Columbia College, Basement, 33 E. Congress Parkway, Chicago IL 60605

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The Midwest Society Acoustic Ecology and Department of Audio Arts & Acoustics at Columbia College present Scott Bernstein, President of the Center for Neighborhood Technology. His presentation, titled What If Sound Matters Too?: Revisiting the Potential for Healthy Soundscape will be on Wednesday, September 21 at 7 p.m. Admission free.

Scott Bernstein is co-founder and President of the Center for Neighborhood Technology, a 33 year-old Chicago-based national innovations center that promotes healthy and productive communities. CNT’s work applies geographic information to the redesign of urban and economic systems to help reveal, focus and better utilize local resources. CNT was awarded a MacArthur Foundation Award for Creative & Effective Institutions in 2009.

Bernstein’s presentation will review experiences from the past two decades in measuring and mapping the sources of both travel demand and of urban rainwater runoff in Chicago and elsewhere; and also review successes in retrofitting communities for travel demand reduction and for “catching raindrops where they fall” as a viable flood prevention strategy. It will suggest that both reduced noise exposure and increased, intentional soundscape enhancement is achievable affordable and even good for the economy. It will suggest agendas for research, demonstration and local policies that can make healthy soundscapes attainable.

Bernstein studied at Northwestern University, served on the research staff at its Center for Urban Affairs, taught at UCLA and was a founding Board member at the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Center. President Clinton appointed Scott to the President’s Council for Sustainable Development, where he co-chaired its task forces on Metropolitan Sustainable Communities and on Cross-Cutting Climate Strategies and to other Federal advisory panels on global warming, development strategy, and science policy. He helped write a climate change strategy for the 1st 100 days of the new Administration. Scott is a Fellow of the Center for State Innovation, a Board Member of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy and Congress for the New Urbanism, works with governors, mayors and metropolitan organizations across the U.S., helped create the Chicago Climate Action Plan at the request of Mayor Richard M. Daley; CNT served on the transition team of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. CNT is a signer of the Charter of the New Urbanism and Scott is a member of the Urban History Association, which includes urbanists old and new. CNT’s work is described at www.cnt.org

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