Welcome Billie Howard and Farewell Amanda Gutierrez

Welcome Billie Howard and Farewell Amanda Gutierrez

Amanda Gutierrez has been both a great asset in MSAE’s 2018-19 transition toward building a sustainable and accountable leadership in Chicago and the Midwest region. Her exemplary soundwalks and media projects introduced new ideas and audiences bridge and incorporate the concerns of sound studies and acoustic ecology. She leads discussions that directly address important concerns impacting women, people of color, and and scholarship in Latin America. 

With MSAE President, Eric Leonardson, Amanda provided essential support in Mexico City for the Jornada Sonora 01 last fall. She led discussions in Germany for The Global Composition 2018 Conference on Sound, Media, and Ecology. And, in 2017 Amanda and Eric led a soundwalking workshop for Invisible Places 2017 symposium in Portugal. With fellow MSAE board member Norman W. Long, they published ”How do Soundwalks Engage Urban Communities in Soundscape Awareness?” in the proceedings of Invisible Places 2017

Amanda wrote, ”I consider the Midwest Society of Acoustic Ecology as a hub of learning. I grow immensely during the time that I approach this society. First, as a curious listener, then as an active member organizing soundwalks, and eventually as part of the board. My academic and artistic work has enriched professionally and creatively, while my collaborations with communities in several cities have consolidated the study of sound ecology, a legacy that I practiced under my MSAE membership. While I’m sad to announce my departure from the organization, I’m positive about the upcoming plans to expand the artistic practices and collective efforts, which I learned from my time collaborating with this organization.” 

Eric wrote, ”I am proud of your vision, courage and commitment as a friend and fellow activist. I believe your input as a teaching artist and a director on the board will pave the way for more future Latinx activity and participation in the MSAE.”

The MSAE Board of Directors is very pleased to welcome Billie Howard onto the board. She brings a wealth of experience in music, performance, and nonprofit administration to our organization. Billie is a Chicago-based composer and instrumentalist, recently serving as MSAE’s 2019 Summer Soundwalks In the Parks series assistant producer.