Virtual Soundwalks In Chicago Parks

Virtual Soundwalks In Chicago Parks

We are pleased to announce 5 video and sound works that emphasize a relationship with the natural and nonhuman world in Chicago Parks.

These will be presented online as a Twitch event and YouTube playlist on Saturday, November 14th at 5pm CT.

The presenting artists are Norman W Long, Sara Zalek, Andy Slater, JL Simonson, Katie Wood, Veronica Salinas, Chloe Lin, Carl Strang, Kathleen Soler, and Eric Leonardson.

The goal is to celebrate the work and resilience of our creative community, and to share and reflect on our collaborations and investigations with one another. In addition, we hope to raise funds for the work of all the teaching artists who organized and made this media work.

Virtual Soundwalks will be hosted on MSAE’s YouTube channel which opens the door for continuing media productions to promote public engagement in listening and acoustic ecology in the future.

Reserve your spot now on Eventbrite or Facebook