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Calling Frog Survey Workshops starting now! 

Join the volunteer network of community scientists who monitor frogs and toads in our region and be at the heart of The Calling Frog Survey program! These online events provide instruction on how to recognize the sounds needed to Identify the 13 species of frogs 

Join The Calling Frog Survey & Singing Insect Monitoring Program

Join The Calling Frog Survey & Singing Insect Monitoring Program

2014 West Ridge Nature Preserve restoration plan.

Among our new partnerships in 2016, MSAE is pleased to support two upcoming training sessions for The Calling Frog Survey, initiated by Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and Singing Insect Monitoring Program initiated by Carl Strang and Chicago Park District’s North Park Village Nature Center. Our cohort discussed implementation of these “citizen science” efforts with the park and museum staff.

We are working to schedule a time to meet and discuss the Calling Frog Survey winter workshops before they start in February. Beginning and experienced monitors are welcome to participate. The first workshop is Saturday, February 11, 2017 from 10:00am-Noon at Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum.

Acoustic monitoring of amphibian, insect, and other animal populations plays a key role in assessing eco-system health. Acoustic monitoring is a non-invasive, non-lethal way to track trends in the lives of animals, especially those who are elusive. Our data helps detect population changes before extinction and invasion, as well as assess the effects of land and water quality management, including ecological restoration efforts.

We look forward to sharing more details about the Singing Insect Monitoring Program, to be confirmed soon.