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“Listening for the Future” 2010 ASAE Symposium and Retreat

The proceedings of “Listening for the Future” the American Society for Acoustic Ecology’s first-ever national symposium and retreat are to be published soon. Read a conference report published in the Sept/Oct WFAE Online Newsletter.

Soundwalk at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

Join members of the American and Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, and World Listening Project for a soundwalk at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. Participate in Listening For the Future: The American Society for Acoustic Ecology Symposium and Retreat. Learn how to explore a natural […]

Soundwalk at Chicago Center for Green Technology on April 17

bird habitat at Center for Green Technology
bird habitat at Center for Green Technology

Experience nature in the city

10 a.m., Saturday at the Chicago Center for Green Technology
445 N. Sacramento Blvd. (between Lake St. and Chicago Ave.), Chicago, IL 60612

Contact: Dan Godston at dgodston@gmail.com, or call 312-543-7027

You are invited to join members of the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology and World Listening Project for a soundwalk on Saturday, April 17 at the Chicago Center for Green Technology. A soundwalk is a practice of focused listening in which one moves through a soundscape with complete attention to sound. Free and open to the public, all ages, this soundwalk is being facilitated by Dan Godston, Chad Clark, and Norman Long.



The destruction of Chicago’s Gropius architecture and Bauhaus legacy has begun. As reported here in August, the City of Chicago destroyed nearly all of the landscaping around the Michael Reese Hospital campus—the 37-acre site that was purchased by the city for construction of an Olympic […]

reflections on three recent soundwalks in Chicago

The World Listening Project has organized three soundwalks recently—at the Chicago Center for Green Technology and the Garfield Park Conservatory on August 1st, and by/around the Michael Reese Hospital campus on September 12th. It’s been good to be involved with these soundwalks, and the WLP […]

Soundwalk in Bronzeville on September 12

dscn0137You are invited to join the World Listening Project in a soundwalk around the Michael Reese Hospital campus on Saturday, September 12 (10 a.m.-11 a.m.).

Soundmarks during this soundwalk will include the chainlink fence along the perimeter of the Michael Reese Hospital campus; the wind in the trees in front of the Singer Pavilion; a security guard’s car tires rolling over gravel on the MRH campus; traffic on Lake Shore Drive; demolition and earthmoving equipment being operated at MRH; bikers, pedestrians, and automobile drivers/passengers on the streets by MRH; and trains traveling the north-south tracks (between MRH and LSD).

This soundwalk will start on the northwest corner of 31st St. and Cottage Grove Dr. We will walk along the fenced-in perimeter of the MRH campus in a clockwise direction, and then we will turn around and return to the soundwalk’s starting point. This soundwalk is free and open to the public; it is being organized by Chad Clark, Jennifer Mosier, Norman Long, Eric Leonardson, and Dan Godston.


A Soundwalk Idea for Chicago’s Bauhaus District by the Michael Reese Hospital Campus

MSAE member Dan Goston writes that the Michael Reese Hospital Campus is an unique piece of Chicago’s great architectural legacy located in its historic Bronzeville neighborhood. Tragically, and even absurdly, the MRH Campus faces what increasingly appears to be demolition by the City of Chicago in order to make for an uncertain future Olympic village. The Gropius in Chicago Coalition and other organizations is attempting to save the MRH. Dan concludes with a list of potential impacts that demolition will have upon the acoustic ecology of the city and region.

WFAE May-June 2009 Newsletter published

The newsletter features reports on the Sound Megalopolis conference held in March in Mexico City

Megalópolis sonoras. Identidad cultural y sonidos en peligro de extinción. México 2009

Report by Eric Leonardson

Sound Megalopolis: Sounds in danger of extinction took place from March 23-27, 2009 at the gorgeous Fonoteca Nacional in the Coyaocán area of Mexico City. The site of the Fonoteca Nacional is the former home of the great Mexican poet Octavio Paz (1914-1998) and now serves as the archive of all significant audio recordings relevant to the history and culture of Mexico. It is a public access facility with a large, sophisticated lab for the collection, restoration, and preservation of recorded sound. This 5-day conference brought the founders of the World Soundscape Project together with the World Forum for Acoustic Ecology (WFAE) and the Mexican Forum for Acoustic Ecology, including a host of new people to the field from around the world.

Inaugral ceremony for Sound Megalopolis, March 23, 2009
Inaugral ceremony for Sound Megalopolis, March 23, 2009