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Positive Sound Design in Urban Soundscapes – Chicago Tribune

This week, Chicago Tribune Architecture Critic, Blair Kamin and I had a good chat about the positive role of sound in the design and experience of urban spaces. While noise problems at O’Hare Airport and Wrigley Field gain attention, we focused ways that sound reduces 

World Listening Day 2015: H2O

You are invited to participate in World Listening Day 2015, an annual global event held on July 18. The purposes of World Listening Day are to: Celebrate the listening practices of the world and the ecology of its acoustic environments; Raise awareness about the growing 

2014 Year-in-Review

MSAE 2014 year-in-review, plus what’s ahead in 2015.

We hope this New Year has started off well for you as we take time to reflect and take note of our recent activities and future prospects. Happily, the MSAE had an extremely productive 2014, that overflows into some highlights for this new year 2015:

    • On Monday, January 19, 2015, Chicago Tribune columnist Barbara Brotman published an interview with Eric Leonardson previewing our winter soundscapes program at Brushwood Center in Ryerson Woods. On January 25, the program engaged nearly 60 people in an outdoor soundwalk led by Leonardson and Dan Godston, preceded by a performance by the collective field recording group known as Chicago Phonography. Performers included Todd Carter, Chad Clark, Ed Herrmann, Monica Ryan, with Chicago Wildsounds members Roni Jachowski, Matt Connor, and Lisa Kenny. The soundwalk included many Ragdale artists-in-residence from nearby Lake Forest, Illinois.

      At the Brushwood Center from left to right: Chad Clark, Dan Godston, Ed Herrmann, Eric Leonardson, Monica Ryan, and Todd Carter
    • Chicago Wildsounds is new and exciting acoustic ecology student group at DePaul University. We look forward to their upcoming public event ”Rooted in Sound: A Night of Soundscapes,” at 5:30pm on Thursday, March 5, 2015 at the DePaul Art Museum. Please visit our website for details.
    • The American Society for Acoustic Ecology (ASAE) will lead a pre-conference Acoustic Ecology Recording Workshop for Balance-Unbalance 2015: Water, Climate and Place, Reimagining Environments. In the conference Eric Leonardson and Andrea Polli, Professor of Art & Ecology at University of New Mexico, will lead a panel discussion titled, Eco-sensing in Higher Education Curriculum. Panel Participants are Linda Nelson Keane (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Leah Barclay (UNESCO Biosphere Soundscapes), Christopher Preissing (Independent Artist), Lindsey French (The School of the Art Institute of Chicago), Meredith Hoy (Arizona State University), Leonardson and Polli. Leonardson will also present his paper, Our Sonic Playground: A Model for Active Engagement in Urban Soundscapes.

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