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Happy 2013! Announcing New Members, Journal, Honors & Awards

A lot of things are happening in the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, here’s a list that includes some things you can do.

Sounds from Water Music on Soundcloud

Water Music on the Beach – compositions and scores that reflect, react to, or personify the sounds of water, presented by 6018North.

WSIU to Host Fall Soundwalk on Tuesday, October 23

Soundwalk eCard
Fall soundwalk led by Dave Amstrong on the SIU Campus, click image to download eCard

Read the WSIU Press release…

Invitation to Improvisation: Water Music

This musical series responds to and highlights Chicago’s location next to water. From compositions and scores involving multiple performers to solo performances, this series highlights music that reflects, reacts to, or personifies the sounds of water. Essential to existence yet abundant, water is both profoundly symbolic and an elemental material. The performances – sited near water – draw metaphorically and/or actually from the sounds of water.

The Global Composition Conference, July 25 – 28, 2012

The Global Composition Conference on Sound, Media, and Environment is happening, July 25 – 28 at Hochschule Darmstadt in Dieburg, Germany. In the program, Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology members Jay Needham and Eric Leonardson perform Chronography: Animal on Friday, July 27, in the Internationales […]

Spring 2012 Recordists Campout [RCO_2012]

sound artist Paul Dickinson recording in woods
Chicago sound artist Paul Dickinson, photo by Paul Gaudynski

May 25-27, Spring 2012 Recordists Campout at Crex Meadows, Wisconsin

Contact: Paul Dickinson pd@goshyes.com, Ron Danielson type@uwm.edu, or Rich Peet richpeet@comcast.net

Each year since 2003, a group of ten to twenty people has gathered for the purposes of sharing and recording natural sounds. The group has included sound artists, composers, birders, biologists, naturalists, media educators, filmmakers, news reporters and trackers. All have shared an interest in learning what nature has to give to their ears and the best methods for detecting and capturing these experiences. The primary learning tools have been shared excursions, in-field demonstrations, collective camping and conversation. We have enjoyed the presence of recordists with many years of experience and great intimacy with the natural surroundings as well novices eager to soak-up everything about the techniques and the environment as they can. Everyone has been welcomed and all have left fulfilled.


New Release from the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology

THE EMPTY SPACE : Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology / World Listening Project A joint release by The World Listening Project and The Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology, The Empty Space is now available on the Wandering Ear net.label. Launched in 2006, Wandering Ear is dedicated […]

The Global Composition – Early bird registration deadline extended until May 24, 2012!

For the conference “The Global Composition” (July 25-28 in Darmstadt, Germany) the “Early Bird” registration deadline was extended until May 24, 2012. Take advantage of a reduced conference fee by registering at the latest by May 24: http://www.the-global-composition-2012.org/registration.html

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore – City Creatures Project, May 26

MSAE is delighted to be partnering with Dave Aftandilian, ASAE member and Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Texas Christian University and Gavin Van Horn, Regional Director, Center for Humans and Nature . Together, they are collaborating on The City Creatures Project. The City Creatures Project will be embarking on a  day of discovery and inspired listening at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore on Saturday, May 26th. The soundwalk will be part of a writers’ and artists’ retreat, and is intended to help writers and artists themselves think about animals in new ways, by using other senses than sight.  Their all-day workshop will be a private event but they have graciously invited the public to attend the sound walk portion from 11:00am-12:15pm that day.
This project is unique in its scope and  includes a book and blog about human-animal relations in the city of Chicago. In the description of the project, Dave and Gavin write:

Cities offer unique and underexplored opportunities for encountering the “wild” in the midst of our backyards.  This book builds on the premise that scientific research is necessary but not sufficient to inform and shape public opinion and action in relation to the natural world.  People must feel connected in order to develop the skills of attentiveness and caring, and the first step in helping people feel connected is educating them about who’s out there with whom they can be connected.  The book’s primary focus will be on urban natural history, as a way of celebrating the city and making its unheralded creatures more visible…”

Eric Leonardson will be leading the walk in Miller Woods on Sat May 26 (public sound walk) 11:00am-12:15pm

Miller Woods, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental Education, 100 N Lake Street Gary, IN 46403 (map)

For those who are traveling to the Paul H. Douglas Center for Environmental Education from Chicago and other places in northern Indiana, the South Shore train is convenient, timely, and affordable. Disembark at Miller Station (map). A 15-minute walk north takes you to the Paul Douglas Center.

View the train schedule here: http://www.nictd.com

SIU launches Antarctica, Imagined Geographies

  My colleagues Gary Kolb, Dr. Peter Lemish and Megan Lotts and I have been busy over the past several months preparing a large scale initiative here in Carbondale centering on Antarctica. The initiative features lectures, films, panel discussions an installation and  a concert event. […]