Sound and Memories Soundwalk Aug. 5

Sound and Memories Soundwalk Aug. 5

Did you grow up around Douglass Park? Are you new to the neighborhood? What do you hear? What do you remember? What is the sound of memory? Does memory conjure sound or sound evoke memory?

A community and its park consist of shared sounds, shared memories, shared histories into which we individually tap. As a community changes, sound changes. What did Douglass Park sound like 50, 100, or even 400 years ago? “Do you remember the big cookout we had in Douglass Park?” “How about the baseball game we played after high school?”

[Years ago Douglass park was surrounded by factories. Before that it was marshland and home to several first nations including Potawatomi, Odawa, Sauk, Ojibwe, and Illinois among others. Now there is a police station down the street on Ogden, two high schools on site, and pickup sports have been replaced by concerts organized by large corporations.]

Join Christophe Preissing (sound composer) and childhood resident Marvin Tate (musician, artist) for a soundwalk reflecting on the history of Douglass Park. How has the sound of the park changed, and how has it stayed the same? Listen and share your memories of Douglass Park.

Meet at the steps in front of the Douglass Park Cultural and Community Center (Douglas Park Recreation Building) adjacent to the pool. Free parking is available in the lot just north of the Community Center.