Awards Anounced for Mixage Fou 80-Second Sound Competition – Saturday, January 24

flyer_RECMSAE C0-Chairs and US Coordinators of the Mixage Fou 80-Second Sound Competition, Eric Leonardson and Christopher Preissing, announced the winners of its 6th edition on Saturday, January 24, 2015, during Festival “¢REC at Gaà®té Lyrique, Paris.

About Mixage Fou: Literally translated as “Crazy Mix” this annual event invites participants from France and elsewhere to propose a new genre of “crazy” audio creation. Because here everything is permitted, we can at will transform the initial sounds, take only a few, create a narrative, painting a soundscape design, or an unlikely instrument … For the 6th edition, Mixage Fou assembled a sound bank of outstanding recordings created in partnership with the Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology in the American Midwest and its representatives in Chicago, Eric Leonardson and Christopher Preissing. Mixage Fou happens in partnership with with Phonurgia Nova, France Culture, and La Seminae du Son.

The first place winner is Bilel Aroua, a 30-year-old sound designer from Hammamet, Tunisia. Listen to his mix and the other submissions at

Watch the January 24, 2015 award presentation recorded live at festival “¢REC at Gaà®té Lyrique.

Artists: Julien Belon, Roland Cahen, Collective Sound Checks, One Life Remains, Vianney Aubé, Haithem Bellil and streaming from Chicago with Eric Leonardson. Presentation by Juliette Laurent and Thierry Dilger.10409390_10155304601670105_4408041767106425415_n ateliers partner