HEAR BELOW: My Pedway Soundwalk

A Call for Participation In Self-Guided Soundwalks in Chicago’s Pedway System

April 5 — May 31 “¢ Live Streaming on May 17 — 21

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NON:op Open Opera Works and Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology are pleased to announce our third annual HEAR BELOW pedway soundwalk. To comply with health and safety guidelines during the pandemic, this year’s soundwalk is subtitled “My Pedway Soundwalk” and is a personal self-guided version of our annual HEAR BELOW soundwalk.

What do you hear? My Pedway Soundwalk invites you to discover what listening means to you in these unusual sonic spaces and to share your experiences with us. My Pedway Soundwalk will provide simple tools and inspiration to create your own soundwalk, as well as a platform for sharing audio, video, still images, and text.

My Pedway Soundwalk tools, materials and sign-up links are available on the NON:op Hear Below 2021 page.