HEAR BELOW: My Pedway Soundwalk 2022

HEAR BELOW: My Pedway Soundwalk 2022


March 2022

NON:op Open Opera Works and Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology are pleased to announce our fourth annual HEAR BELOW: My Pedway Soundwalk, small-group and self-guided soundwalks through the sounding space of Chicago’s underground pedway.

What do you hear? My Pedway Soundwalk invites you to listen, discover and share how architecture creates unique sonic spaces in Chicago’s underground pedway system. 

Using your smartphone or other digital recording device, make recordings of your soundwalk, your own sonic points of interest, or your favorite sounds. Then share them with us through the Google form available on NON:op’s website. In April we will compile recordings, images, and descriptions and create a radio documentary or podcast to be broadcast later this spring.

To comply with Covid-19 health and safety guidelines during the pandemic, My Pedway Soundwalk will provide simple tools and inspiration to create a personal soundwalk, as well as a platform for sharing audio, video, still images, and text. Teaching artists will also lead small-group guided soundwalks. More information and a registration form are available HERE.

My Pedway Soundwalk will take place during the month of March. Soundwalk materials, sign up forms, and more information are available on the HEAR BELOW webpage.