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Reflections: An Evening with Hildegard Westerkamp

Reflections: An Evening with Hildegard Westerkamp

On Thursday March 22 a large multi-generational gathering of artists, activists, and educators were hosted at the Chicago home of MSAE founder and co-chair at Eric Leonardson to meet and talk with Hildegard Westerkamp, the renowned Vancouver-based composer, sound ecologist, and radio artist.

New Non-Profit Identity, Operations, WFAE Affiliation & Board of Directors

Following numerous discussions in 2017 the new leadership of MSAE decided, to maintain MSAE’s steady rate of successes in engaging academic, creative and public interest in the interrelationships of sound, listening, and environment; it was necessary to reestablish the MSAE as a non-profit corporation apart from the ASAE rather than as a “chapter.”