Nomi Epstein

Nomi Epstein is a Chicago-based composer, curator, performer, and educator. Her music, performed throughout the US and Europe, centers around her interest in sonic fragility, where structure arises out of textural subtleties. In 2020, she released her first solo composer album under New Focus Recordings including performances by Reinier van Houdt and for Collect/Project, and her collections for Juliet’ was released in a compilation album by Juliet Fraser under HCR. An active practitioner and advocate of experimental music, she is the founder/director of the critically acclaimed experimental music ensemble a”¢pe”¢ri”¢od”¢ic, in which she also performs.

Her curatorial work includes large scale festivals as in the Chicago area 2012 centennial John Cage Festival, the 2014 Chicago Wandelweiser Festival, the 2017 Galina Ustvolskaya Festival, as well as experimental music concerts in the US and abroad involving guest composers from across the globe. She continues to research, write, and lecture on post-Cagean, notated, experimental music. Epstein has served on the faculties of Northwestern, Roosevelt, UIC, DePaul, and the University of Iowa.