Craig Eley

Craig Eley is an audio producer and cultural historian. His recent work has involving editing and amplifying academic research and oral history collections, including producing The Lands We Share series for Wisconsin Public Radio and editing and producing selected episodes of the Phantom Power podcast. He has also worked as the audio mixer and editor for a short documentary on an annual run in the Ojibwe communities of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. He is currently developing a podcast about sound, the environment, and our everyday lives called Field Noise.

Previously, he was a Mellon-ACLS Public Fellow with To the Best of our Knowledge, a nationally syndicated radio show produced at Wisconsin Public Radio. He has also held a postdoctoral fellowship at Penn State University and a predoctoral fellowship at the Smithsonian Institution. His articles have appeared in Velvet Light Trap and Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture.