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Positive Sound Design in Urban Soundscapes – Chicago Tribune

This week, Chicago Tribune Architecture Critic, Blair Kamin and I had a good chat about the positive role of sound in the design and experience of urban spaces. While noise problems at O’Hare Airport and Wrigley Field gain attention, we focused ways that sound reduces […]

2014 Year-in-Review

MSAE 2014 year-in-review, plus what’s ahead in 2015. We hope this New Year has started off well as we take time to reflect and take note of our activities and prospects. Happily, the MSAE had an extremely productive 2014. Highlights of the year and into […]

2011 Sound Art Theories Symposium at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Saturday & Sunday, November 5 & 6

Sponsored by the SAIC Sound department, the symposium brings together 14 scholars from the United States, Canada, and Europe engaging a wide range of topics, disciplines, and attitudes brought to bear on sound as art and art as sound.

School of the Art Institute of Chicago
280 South Columbus Drive
Chicago, IL 60603