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Ryerson Woods Soundwalk Map

Here’s the hand-drawn map our soundwalkers made, from 1:00 to 3:00 PM on 20 November, 2016, noting the various sounds heard on-site around Ryerson Cabin on the Des Plaines River. Below is a map of the route, starting from the Brushwood Center to Ryerson Cabin and back. Open Ryerson house to Ryerson cabin to view […]

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Soundwalk in the Pullman Historic District

You’re invited to come to a soundwalk at the Pullman National Monument during the Tenth Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival and Chicago Artists Month. This event is co-presented by the Pullman National Monument, Outdoor Afro, Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology and Borderbend Arts Collective. It is also co-sponsored by Pullman Historic Site.

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“Listen to Africa” blog maps soundscapes

The project employs an array web-based social media to map and document a bicycle and sound recording journey through 30 countries in Africa.

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